Figures who NCKU once thrived.

“Pursuit of truth through exhaustive reasoning” is NCKU’s motto. The practical style of study, down-to-earth and pragmatic spirit, and low-key and restrained attitude of NCKUers make them deeply trusted and recognized in various circles, and they have become crucial forces driving national and social progress! NCKUers can be found throughout various industries such as technology, logistics, finance, academics, and human resources, and they have displayed remarkable performance. In the industry, government, and academia, they have played crucial roles but not claimed credit, showing the spirit of mutual prosperity of NCKUers and making all-out efforts to co-create Taiwan’s future.

NCKUers can also be found all over the world, deeply rooted and luxuriant like the massive banyan tree on NCKU campus, supporting one another, and closely connected with local communities. They apply what they have learned in various fields, becoming the backbones of nations and their connections to the world, and even becoming a power force that can change the world.