“Achieve Securely, Prosper Mutually” is the core spirit of NCKU’s 90th anniversary. “Achieve Securely” refers to cultivating oneself and focusing on one’s duties without ostentation while always helping others and serving as a burning candle in the dark, and “Prosper Mutually” is a core value that NCKUers have preserved for 90 years, and it has become a great virtue that draws public admiration.

From our initial foundation to the prospective future and in the face of numerous challenges and new ways of thinking, NCKU has maintained a sincere and solid style of study and a low-key and restrained attitude in dealing with matters. We have accomplished without being ostentatious, been willing to share our achievements with all walks of life, held steadfast at our post, been strict with ourselves, and worked towards mutual prosperity. “Achieve Securely, Prosper Mutually” is not only the conviction of NCKU’s 90th anniversary but also our commitment to our peers in Taiwan! Advancing toward to future, we hope to become one of the top academic institutes in both Taiwan and the world and a widely loved, respected, and influential success, do great NCKU deeds hand in hand with Taiwan, be NCKUers willing to bear greater responsibilities for the future, and create prosperity for the next 90 years.



Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony
SATU Biennial General Assembly
Class 2021 Commencement
NCKU 90 and Beyond Forum


NCKU Deeds

Things those NCKU walks through with us.


Figures who NCKU once thrived.

NCKU Accomplishments

Accomplishments which NCKU once achieved with global society.