Accepting Honors with Humility

Since its elevation to a national university, NCKU has followed its predecessors to cultivate students based on the founding spirit of Veritas et Conscientia (Truth and Conscience). Under the school spirit, NCKU students are self-disciplined in pursuit of academic excellence and personal cultivation, thus distinguishing themselves for their truth-finding persistence in academic studies, rational attitude towards practical applications, and their humility in interpersonal relations. Currently in Taiwan, NCKU alumni are well received by all sectors of society as a major driving force for social progress and national development. Indeed, they have contributed greatly to a wide range of industries and fields, such as technology, logistics, finance, academia, and human resources. As key players in various collaborative projects of the industry, government, and academia, however, NCKU members usually accept their achievements with humility and continue to work for the development of Taiwan in pursuit of eventual prosperity for all.

NCKU alumni can be found all over the world, comparable with the deep-rooted century-old banyan tree of NCKU growing with an abundance of branches and leaves. They get together to support one another, connect with local communities, and contribute their professional specialties to various fields across the world. The presence of NCKU alumni has formed a solid backbone for our national development, international connection, and global progress.