Of those who have come before

Holding true to the NCKU Motto: “Veritas et Conscientia (“Truth and Conscience)”, the 3-way harmony of sensible environment, rational attitude, and humble temperament of NCKUers has affirmed their reputation of being pragmatic and reliable. This reputation shapes them into a definitive forward force to pave towards a better society as well as a nation. The NCKUers can be found achieving their excellence across a wide variety of industries and discipline, such as technology, logistics, finance, academia, and human resources. They have remained in humility albeit having have set down many milestones along the recent history of Taiwan, and focus working cohesively in the spirit of “mutual prosperity” as NCKUers by doing the best of their abilities to co-create Taiwan’s future.

The presence of NCKUers even goes beyond the border of Taiwan, which they would always support inwardly for their peers and outwardly for their respective communities. Their spirit is akin to the deep-reaching roots of the grand, lush century-old banyan tree of NCKU. With each their own specialized knowledge, the NCKUers consolidate their skills and know-hows to form a steadfast influence to help shape the intranational backbone as well as the international connections.