The History of NCKU Achievements in Taiwan

2021 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of NCKU. In January 1931, the office of the Governor-General of Taiwan issued its first decree to establish the Tainan Higher Industrial School. Since then, the school has gone through several stages of reforms. It started as a technical school and proceeded as a college specializing in engineering before it was upgraded in 1971 to National Cheng Kung University. In 2021, NCKU ranked as Top 1 university in Taiwan by Times Higher Education in its University Impact Rankings. Over the past 90 years, NCKU, an engineering-based university, has expanded with the establishment of the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Planning and Design, Management, Medicine, Social Science, Biotechnology, Interdisciplinary College X, and Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. With its solid research capacity, comprehensive array of colleges and research facilities, as well as its diversified and innovative development, NCKU aspires to enhance its international connection, exchanges and cooperation, and present itself as a top university in the world.

As an educational institute based in Tainan, NCKU has always served as a reliable guardian of southern Taiwan to provide support in response to major crises and disasters across the nation. In the 70’s, NCKU worked to solve the sediment transport problem at Taichung Harbor under the Ten Major Construction Project, and establish the first aeronautic technology laboratory in line with the government goal for the development of the aeronautic industry. In recent years, NCKU helped to control the dengue fever epidemic in 2015, participated in the rescue and relief mission for the earthquake in 2016, and responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With its academic and scientific capacity, NCKU is able to exert its positive influence on the progress of communities in Taiwan and around the world. Prospectively, NCKU aspires to become a university worthy of community support and of national pride.

1931 - 1940

Building Foundations

10 years

1941 - 1950

Initial Development

20 years

1951 - 1960

Outreach and Expansion

30 years

1961 - 1970

Further Expansion and Development

40 years

1971 - 1980


50 years

1981 - 1990

Turning Against the Tides

60 years

1991 - 2000

Progress Towards Excellence

70 years

2001 - 2010

Progressing by Leaps and Bounds

80 years

2011 - 2020

Common Good

90 years

2021 - 2030

Future Prospects

100 years