Creating New Value for the Common Good

The significance of an achievement lies in its pursuit of eventual prosperity for all. Therefore, NCKU intends to celebrate its 90th Anniversary under the theme of Accepting Honors with Humility and Achieving Prosperity for All.
As a top university in Taiwan, NCKU works proactively to conduct academic research on interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with industries, the government, and academia, aiming to achieve global prosperity.

As an institute of higher education, NCKU continues its efforts amid evolving employment trends to cultivate its students into talented professionals most sought-after by enterprises. As a university specializing in engineering, NCKU helps to implement major infrastructure construction projects in consistent with the government policy for national development. In terms of the humanities and social sciences, NCKU works to enhance its preservation of local identity, aiming to discover and enrich the historical context of Taiwan. In the fields of medicine and biotechnology, NCKU provides multiple solutions to current medical and health issues through its advanced research, resulting in positive spillover effects in economics. As every positive idea has the potential to ripple into a great movement towards a sustainable achievement of the common good, NCKU aspires to fulfill its social responsibilities as a local university, as well as to pursue the eventual prosperity for all in communities in Taiwan and in the world.


Nurturing Talents amid Sustainable Interdisciplinary Development and Innovation


Building a Solid Infrastructure for National Development

Engineering【Economic Prosperity】

Taking Responsibility for Industrial Development in Pursuit of Economic Prosperity

Humanities and Social Sciences

Taking Root in Taiwan and Exploring the History of Taiwan

Medicine and Biotechnology

Solving Thorny Medical Issues Through Advanced Research to Promote Industrial