Progressing by Leaps
and Bounds

2001 - 2010



Amid a global pandemic of SARS, NCKU continued to shoulder the responsibility
for public health in southern Taiwan.

SATU Presidents’ Forum was founded to promote the Southbound Policy in higher education.

NCKU received MOE grant for the Aim for the Top University Project.

NCKU established a university museum to promote international connections.

NCKU progressed by leaps and bounds in the early 21st Century.


The newly-completed Main Library was inaugurated to provide a broad range of services to faculty and students in a new era of information and communication technologies.


Amid the pandemic of SARS since 2003, NCKU continued to shoulder its responsibility for public health in southern Taiwan

In less than half a year after the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in…


The year of 2003 saw the College of Engineering progressing exponentially along with an abundant capacity for academic instruction and research, and an increasing number of enrolled students. Meanwhile, the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Planning and Design were established. Since then, the three Colleges have gone hand in hand in their development.


In 2003, SATU was formed to facilitate the integration of resources from prestigious universities for the cultivation of top talents

Since 2000, the government of Taiwan has endeavored to implement…


The College of Bioscience and Biotechnology was established to pursue advanced studies and nurture top talented professionals in biosciences.


In 2005, NCKU received a subsidy for the Aim for the Top University Project and aspired to develop as a Top University

Amid the current development of a knowledge economy, the research…


The NCKU Museum was founded in 2007 to Connect the Past and the Future

As a museum is generally viewed as the highest hall of human knowledge and civilization, many world-renowned universities have …


The Guiren Campus was expanded to a total of 26 hectares, with the acquisition of a land lot from Taisugar.


Progress Towards Excellence

Common Good