March 16, 1934 (9th year of the Showa Era) – Photo of first class of graduates in front of administration building (currently the NCKU Museum) (Provided by the NCKU Museum)


Taiwan’s first technical college is born with a mission to industrialize Taiwan

In 1931, the Government-General of Taiwan under Japanese rule issued its first decree, which was to establish Tainan Technical College. It was the highest educational institution at the time and bore the important mission of promoting the industrialization of Taiwan!

During the school’s founding opening ceremony, the first president Wakatsuki Michitaka urged students to remain cool-headed, keep an open mind, be physically agile, be ready and willing to do things, and contribute to industries in Taiwan. This established the practical style of study at NCKU. Even during wartime, Tainan Technical College persevered.

Taiwan under Japanese rule was agriculture-oriented. To promote the popularization of industrial education, the Governor-General of Taiwan, Kamiyama Mitsunoshin, made a significant proposal to establish a technical college as soon as possible during the fifth council of the Government-General of Taiwan in October 1927. The college’s educational funding and the budget of another important construction project at the time, the resumption of the Sun Moon Lake hydroelectric power plant construction, were approved together. Considering the benefit of electrical power to the industrialization of Taiwan and future employment market demands, the college began with three departments, namely, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and applied chemistry, to cultivate professional talent for Taiwan.

The graduates cultivated by Tainan Technical College became the first batch of modern professional engineers in Taiwan. In the midst and the aftermath of war, they held their posts, applied what they learned, and facilitated the development of Taiwan’s industrial progress step by step.

1931 (6th year of the Showa Era) – First opening ceremony, held in front of the Physics and Chemistry Laboratory, the first building constructed in the college, which was completed in October, 1930 (Provided by the NCKU Museum)

First president, Wakatsuki Michitaka (Provided by the NCKU Museum)

1933 (8th year of the Showa Era) – Boiler activated by President Wakatsuki, who created an institute for “cool-headed, open-minded, and physically agile” engineers (Provided by the NCKU Museum)