Students of the Dept. of Chinese Literature taking a picture at Banyan Park (Courtesy of NCKU Museum/Class of 1978 Yearbook)


The establishment of the Guangfu Campus in 1966 helped to nurture free-spirited students with abilities to think critically

A good campus environment gave rise to a positive academic climate. In 1966, the establishment of the Guangfu Campus by the university provided a more spacious environment for its students and a home to new colleges and departments. As the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Business were located in this new campus, the students with majors of liberal arts and business management began to bring a different vibe to the university.

Compared to the campuses of Cheng Kung and Sheng Li, the Guangfu Campus boasts more outdoor spaces with a tranquil atmosphere. Since the completion of this campus, many students have been found taking a leisurely walk along the lake, contemplating under a tree or passing through the Minor West Gate, or discussing high-stakes topics on the lawn of Banyan Park. Most of them have enjoyed the freedom of leisurely walks in pleasant surroundings as they learned to become independent thinkers under ideal conditions over the last several decades.

Due to the limited budget, the university decided to excavate earth surrounding the College of Liberal Arts (currently the building of the History Department) in order to lay the foundation of a playground in 1970. The results were pretty satisfactory when the playground on the Guangfu Campus was successfully built, and a beautiful lake was renovated in front of the College of Liberal Arts for all to enjoy.

The spacious Guangfu Campus has brought positive energy to the university while helping students to think critically. Our alumni have participated in industries and activities that contribute to society over the years.

A 1966 photo of the land retrieved by Mr. Wan-Yuan Huang for the Guangfu Campus (Courtesy of NCKU Museum/Class of 1973 Yearbook)

An event held by the Dept. of Business Administration. The place where students gathered to dance was turned into Cheng Kung Lake years later (Courtesy of NCKU Museum/Class of 1973 Yearbook)

A photo of students taken at Cheng Kung Lake in 1973 (Courtesy of NCKU Museum/Class of 1973 Yearbook)

The school took the initiative in 1970 to preserve the Minor West Gate for the conservation of cultural heritage