A 1980 photo of students riding a scooter in front of the Minor West Gate (Courtesy of NCKU Museum /Class of 1980 Yearbook)


The school took the initiative in 1970 to preserve the Minor West Gate for the conservation of cultural heritage

In 1982, Taiwan’s government promulgated the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act in response to the global trend of cultural heritage preservation while showing its determination to better protect cultural sites and monuments. Yet prior to the promulgation of the law, NCKU had already taken the initiative to preserve an invaluable site in the 1960s.

One of the big challenges facing urban area expansion is how to preserve cultural sites. In 1967, Tainan City Government decided to demolish the Minor West Gate on Fengjia Road for road expansion. On hearing this, some professors and students of the Departments of History and Architecture took immediate action while the then president Yun-Ping Luo, an expert in urban planning, arranged a meeting with the authorities in charge. After a series of discussions with the then mayor Hsi-shan Lin (an alumni of NCKU), who was also an expert in architecture, the city government finally gave permission two years later. And the university put efforts to move and re-establish this gate in the Guangfu Campus.

In 1970, the Minor West Gate was successfully moved to the former city walls encircling the Minor East Gate, which was built with traditional rammed earth techniques during the Qianlong reign of Qing dynasty and was a construction masterpiece, since the city walls were perfectly joined to the city gate. These notable efforts were not only meant to preserve sites of historic significance, but also showed the determination of the university to preserve more cultural heritages as a way to honor the glory of Tainan, the once prefectural capital of Taiwan centuries ago.

Campus scene: the Minor West Gate in 1981 (Courtesy of NCKU Museum/Class of 1981 Yearbook)

Campus scene: the Minor West Gate in 1983 (Courtesy of NCKU Museum/Class of 1983 Yearbook)

A 1985 photo of students from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering gathering in front of the Minor West Gate (Courtesy of NCKU Museum /Class of 1985 Yearbook)



The establishment of the Guangfu Campus in 1966 helped to nurture free-spirited students with abilities to think critically