Turning Against
the Tide

1981 - 1990



After its withdrawal from the United Nations and severance of ties with the U.S., Taiwan was encountered with unprecedented diplomatic challenges. Under the circumstances, NCKU attempted to build a world-class aerospace science research center to ensure national security and defense.

To safeguard public health across southern Taiwan, NCKU sought to set up
a medical school and a hospitalas a part of the Fourteen Major Construction Projects.


NCKU sought to set up a medical School and a hospital as a part of the Fourteen Major Construction Projects in southern Taiwan

In the 1970s, one of the key government policies was to fill the …


With its expansion of colleges and departments during the 1980s, NCKU proceeded to procure the Tzuchiang Campus and the Chingyeh Campus in 1983. Meanwhile, the Dept. of Aerospace was established with its faculty dormitory on the Tzuchiang Campus.


The Lihsing Campus (area: 2.8 hectares) was procured. In 2018, the Dept. of Biological Technology Teaching Building was erected in this area.


An innovative books management operating system developed by NCKU faculty and students was launched, allowing library users to borrow books in ten seconds.


In 1987, NCKU founded an aerospace science research center to enhance national defense capibility

Since Taiwan lost its seat in the United Nations in 1971 and the United States severed formal ties with Taiwan in 1979, Taiwan has sought to…


A backbone network was created by the Computer Center, with subsequent establishment of department intranets, marking the start of an era for digital learning at NCKU.


The northern section of Tzuchiang Campus was built with a total of 13.4 hectares, providing space for the three oldest departments: Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engireering, and Electrical Engineering, to increase new buildings. Meanwhile, the Dept. of Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering built its independent buildings, too.



Progress Towards Excellence