Developed Antibiotics to Benefit children. United Alumni Associations and Facilitated the Establishment of South Taiwan Science Park

/ Mou-Ying Fu / Chairman of Fulu Foundation

Mou-Ying Fu developed a new antibiotic when she was employed by Abbott Laboratories in hopes of easing children’s pain. While she had been devoted to her work, Fu also strived to foster the development of NCKU. She founded the Cheng Kung University Alumni Association North America (CKUAANA) and promoted the establishment of the South Taiwan Science Park in Tainan to close the gap of technology development between northern and southern Taiwan.

Solid Fundamental Science Knowledge Prepares One for Future Learning

Fu studied at the Department of Chemistry of National Cheng Kung University from 1962 to 1966. “The study was tough. We had a quiz every Friday, which we called the notorious ‘Black Friday’,” Fu, now a retiree, smilingly told her story. After graduation from NCKU, she furthered her study in the U.S. and obtained her masters’ and PhD degrees. Not until then did she realize the importance of a solid foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, which were also the emphasis of NCKU. A good foundation is beneficial to future studies.

She is grateful for many encouragement words from professors. She even received a wedding gift from then Department Chairman Li-Tsoung Lee, and she was moved to tears. She has kept a good relationship with the department in the years since.

New Antibiotics with Multiple Purposes Benefit Numerous Patients

The academic training helped her a lot in her advanced studies abroad. When Fu was serving at Abbott Laboratories, her research focused on polymers on drug delivery. Among them, the most successful project was antibiotics prescribed for kids. The problem was: the medication tastes bitter and causes stomach problems. To address this problem, Fu had led her team to conduct the research, and successfully reduced side effects by using polymers.

The research was successful and a new drug, Biaxin, was finally launched. Biaxin has wider application than the antibiotics available and is effective against more kinds of bacteria so many patients do not have to change medications. Biaxin has been in high demand since it went on the market, and it has an extremely great contribution to the health of children.

Then Biaxin has also been used to treat stomach ulcers and AIDs, benefiting even more patients.

United Alumni Associations and Promoted the Establishment of South Taiwan Science Park. Fu’s Selfless Devotion

Though living abroad, NCKU is a cherished memory for Fu. She has been invited by different domestic academic organizations as a speaker, and she always offers advice on technology development. She started the CKUAANA to unite more than 20 Cheng Kung University Alumni Associations in the U.S. to further strengthen the communication of the alumni with NCKU. In addition, Fu also promoted the establishment of the University Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology of National Cheng Kung University and devoted herself to the development of NCKU.

From 1991 to 1995, CKUAANA participated in the establishment of South Taiwan Science Park. “Documents, land, talent recruitment, conferences, meetings with many units. We had a lot of obstacles, and it took about 4 to 5 years to finalize the location in Tainan,” Fu recalled.

“We do not seek fame,” she says sincerely, “Our motive is simple. We are a group of alumni who are far away from home but want to contribute to her alma mater. It is best that South Taiwan Science Park be located in Tainan, so as to felicitate closer communication between the academia and industry, and between NCKU and local communities. We also hope to balance the technology industry between northern and southern Taiwan.”

In Fu’s view, a NCKUer believes in “collective success,” being sincere to all people, exerting one’s best in doing everything, keeping one’s feet on the ground, and having no desire for fame. As a scientist, Fu is committed to developing new drugs that ease patients’ pain. In addition to her career, she also devoted herself to NCKU. Fu fully embodies “selflessness.”
(Photo Credit: Mou-Ying Fu)

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Mou-Ying Fu

Department of Electrical Engineering Class ‘66

・Holds 23 biotechnology patents in the U.S. and the world, author of more than 150 scientific papers and book chapters.

・Selected as the Distinguished Alumni of NCKU in 1997

・Consecutively selected one of the International Investment Outstanding Industry by Illinois Government from 2013 to 2016

・Served as Chairman of Fulu Foundation since 2010, a licensed representative for abused children at juvenile courts of Illinois State, committed to child protection.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering Class 1967

Ho Show-Chuan

Chairman of Yuen Foong Yu Group