Lead the transformation of the“Fleet,” Help the Farmers to Succeed

/ Peter Chen / Chairman and CEO of Qisda Corporation

Peter Chen, as the Chairman and CEO of Qisda Corporation, has successfully transformed Qisda from an ODM/OEM to a company with high-added values. He has made active efforts to employ the“Fleet”model in order that Qisda shares its resources with other enterprises while assisting individual farmers in promoting the sales of produce and reducing information inequality across the urban and rural areas.

Always Think Ahead to Exert One’s Influence

Always Think Ahead to Exert One’s Influence.

Chen studied at the Department of Electrical Engineering, NCKU from 1981 to 1985. Reminiscing the times at NCKU, he said,“It was tough.”The“3Es”: Electric Circuits, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, and Electronics were hardest for most students at that time.“The professors were known for failing half of the students. On the first day of class, the classroom was packed with students retaking the course. Everyone was tensed up, listening carefully and attentively during the class.”

Despite all this, he believes that these tough courses had helped to build their solid knowledge and abilities to succeed in the real world.“Be the best at what you do. Always think ahead and move faster than others. This is why and how engineering graduates from NCKU have been influencers in the industry.”

Chen’s mentor was Prof. Mao Chi-Wu, an electromagnetic expert.“Electromagnetic is invisible, but Prof. Mao would always be able to deliver profound knowledge in layman’s terms. During weekly meetings, he often shared with us his college life in Germany and gave us advice about how to behave yourself and treat others well.”Chen was responsible for taking meeting minutes, and Prof. Mao was always impressed at how promptly and efficiently Chen had finished taking the minutes before the bell rang. They have maintained a very cordial relationship till today.

Traditional ODM/OEM Has Only Limited Profitability Create Competitiveness through Transformation and Upgrading

Adhering to the NCKUers’ principle of keeping one’s feet on the ground, Chen has served in key managerial positions at BenQ and Qisda over the years. Not only has he boosted the market share of BenQ DLP projectors to world number one, but he has elevated Qisda as world number 2 LCD manufacturer and a top DLP projector manufacturer. In 2014, he promoted value transformation of Qisda by optimizing the existing ODM/OEM businesses and focusing on high-added-value industries, including healthcare, AIoT, and 5G infrastructure. He is convinced that the health care industry is Taiwan’s next“backbone industry.”As hospitals are the most important distribution channels for health care products, Qisda manages BenQ Medical Centers in Nanjing and Suzhou and is engaged in the upstream medical devices industry.

“Brands are indeed a force for change,”Chen said. BenQ products are marketed in over 100 countries and have brought great convenience to consumers. In addition to corporate transformation, Qisda has also acquired about 70 to 80 companies in the past few years, and through the“Fleet”business model, it aims to achieve enterprise resource sharing, mutual benefits, and transformation into a high-added-value industry. Chen is hoping that the success of Qisda in transformation efforts can help to promote Taiwan’s industry upgrades and improve Taiwan’s profitability and competitiveness.

Chen has received numerous awards for leading Qisda establishing an example for transformation in the digital industry and creating the“Fleet”model in business operations. He has been granted the“National Distinguished Accomplishment Award”by the Chinese Professional Management Association,“Taiwan M&A Awards – M&A Outstanding Achievement Deal Award”by the Taiwan Merger & Acquisitions and Private Equity Council among many other awards.

Assist Farmers with Marketing Strategies and Share the Convenience of Digital Life

Apart from corporate management, Peter Chen also takes actions to contribute to society.

Born in a farmers’ family, Peter Chen helped out in the farms since he was a child.“I carried very heavy bamboo shoots. That’s why my calves are more muscular than others.”Chen knows well the hardship experienced by local farmers as most of the profits are taken by dealers.“Bamboo shoots are selling for NT$30 to 40 per catty (about US$1.3 to 1.8 per pound) in the market, but only NT$5 (about US$0.2) at farm gates.”He hopes to help the farmers with this expertise.

The group’s BenQ Foundation helps local farmers to make websites and re-design the packaging to improve visual appeal of their products. The farmers sell their produce on the websites to end-consumers and gain better profits and a sense of accomplishment.“Farmers do not have to be reliant on others. The most important thing is to mitigate information inequality so farmers can also have the convenience and benefits offered by digital life.”

Through transforming the enterprise and creating win-win outcomes for their own company and other enterprises, Chen has led industrial upgrades in Taiwan and expanded BenQ’s networks and influence across the world. Peter Chen is not only a successful entrepreneur but has fulfilled his social responsibility in the process, too.

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Peter Chen

Department of Electrical Engineering Class ‘85

・Awarded the“Distinguished Alumni Award”by NCKU in 2018

・Awarded the“EY Entrepreneur of The Year™”in 2019

・Awarded the“National Distinguished Accomplishment Award”by the Chinese Professional Management Association in 2020

・Awarded the“Taiwan M&A Awards – M&A Outstanding Achievement Deal Award”by the Taiwan Merger & Acquisitions and Private Equity Council in 2020

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