NCKU Achievements

In 1987, NCKU founded an aerospace science research center to enhance national defense capibility
Since Taiwan lost its seat in the United Nations in
NCKU sought to set up a medical School and a hospital as a part of the Fourteen Major Construction Projects in southern Taiwan
In the 1970s, one of the key government policies was
A world-class hydraulic model test laboratory was set up for construction of water infrastructure in 1972
In response to the congestion of Keelung and
The school was upgraded to National Cheng Kung University, aiming to cultivate talented professionals across industries
During the 1960s, Taiwan endeavored to develop
Cooperation with Purdue University laying the foundation for school development
The cold war followed in the aftermath of World War
Joint Foundation of Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory and First Harbor Engineering Model in Taiwan
Early in the 19th century, hydraulic engineering bec
Building foundation for land surveying in coordination with national development
The most important task to start with for the launch
Establishment of CNS Standards as a solid foundation for industrial development in Taiwan
The Central Bureau of Standards under the Ministry o
With its factory internship system, the school was characterized by its pragmatic academic style
In 1945, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasa
Tainan Technical College, the first educational institute for industrial engineering in Taiwan, was founded with a mission to promote industrial progress in Taiwan
In 1931, the Office of the Government-General of Tai