1941 - 1950



In the wake of World War II, the school survived the
ravages of war and began to survey lands across Taiwan
in line with the goal of national development. Meanwhile,
its factory internship projects helped to cultivate students
with a positive attitude towards practical applications,
laying a solid foundation for its students to become the
most sought-after graduates in Taiwan.


The school was renamed Taiwan Provincial Tainan Junior College of Technology, with the establishment of the Department of Architecture, the first of its kind in Taiwan.


With its factory internship system, the school was characterized by its pragmatic academic style

In 1945, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki expedited the end of WWII, terminated 50 years of Japanese rule over Taiwan, and …


After retrocession of Taiwan from Japanese rule in 1945, the school issued official letters to girls' high schools across Tainan to promote its first recruitment of female students. In the fall semester of 1947, 12 female students were admitted into the school.


Establishment of CNS Standards as a solid foundation for industrial development in Taiwan

The Central Bureau of Standards under the Ministry of Economic Affairs took charge of standardization in Taiwan. They issued the Regulations …


As few teachers were available back then in Taiwan, President Shih-An Wang travelled to China several times to recruit professional educators. As a result of his efforts, the school saw the first appointment of female teachers in 1948.

In the same year, the school expanded with the addition of the Sheng-Li campus.


Building foundation for land surveying in coordination with national development

The most important task to start with for the launch of government projects for national construction and economic development was to …


Joint Foundation of Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory and First Harbor Engineering Model in Taiwan

Early in the 19th century, hydraulic engineering became an emerging science that used accurate model tests to verify water flow problems …


Building Foundations

Outreach and Expansion